The Leckie Siblings

Photograph of King George V's Inspection of the Canadian 16th Battalion with handwritten key

Photograph of King George V's inspection of the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish), November 1914.

Edith Leckie would write about receiving this photograph in her diary, "Had letters from Bertie and Jack + more interesting photos … the brigade photograph photographed at the Kings review. One on of them Bertie is standing beside the Queen + just behind the King + in another he is leading the regiment in the cheering as their majesties are just about to leave in their motor" (30 November 1914)

Canadian Siblings, Robert Gilmour Edwards Leckie and Edith Lydia Leckie, came from a large family of nine children. Robert was the oldest, and Edith was the fourth of six daughters. Their father, Robert Leckie Sr., had a well-known career as a mining engineer, requiring the family to move from Nova Scotia to Quebec, then to Ontario and finally to British Columbia. Robert Sr. had been a Lieutenant during the Fenian Raids (1866-1871) and passed on his ardent Canadian patriotism to his children.  Robert (nicknamed Bertie by his family), who was 45 years old in 1914, had previously fought in the Boer War, and re-joined the army as a Lieutenant-Colonel to command the 16th Canadian Battalion (The Canadian Scottish) on 28 August 1914. His brother, John (known in the family as Jack), joined the Seaforth Highlanders the same day as a Major. Edith travelled to England in early 1915, hoping to train as a nurse, but instead was offered work in the Canadian War Office in London. 

Both Robert and Edith would leave written accounts of their experiences during the war. 

Click on the links to the left to explore Robert's account of the Second Battle of Ypres and to read Edith's diary for 1914-1915.

Items related to the Leckie Family were donated as a part of the Partridge Family Papers in 2005. 

Telegram from R.G.E Leckie to John "Jack" Leckie

Telegram from R.G.E Leckie to Jack Leckie as 16th Battalion made their way to Valcartier, Quebec from British Columbia for training, 1 September 1914

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The Leckie Siblings