Part I: The Struggle to Understand


Part I: The Struggle to Understand

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Les voyages de la Nouvelle France occidentale, dicte Canada
Displaying page 299. Image of a first nations group in a circle, lead figure holding a turtle rattle.

New Voyages to North-America
Displaying illustration plate of a beaver

Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of the N.W. Passage in H.M.S. Terror
Ink drawing of the H.M.S Terror lodged in the ice

Original Watercolour Paintings of Canadian Wild Flowers
Displaying watercolour of Trillium Grandiflorium

Photographs from George M. Dawson's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains and the Northwest Territories
Displaying photographs of Mr. Starkey's Camp and Elk River Canon

Map of Northern Canada and Northwest Coast of Hudson Bay
Manuscript map prepared by James Tyrell showing the route of expedition in 1893
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