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M-10 00199_1.tif
Various covers of the publication from 1992 (the first year of publication)

L-10 00091_1.tif
Includes editorials, reviews, and poetry. Also included copied poems by Amba Trott

K-10 000174_1.tif
Full digitized copy of issue no. 12

Hill 00035.tif
Image selected from 'Women of vision : the story of the Canadian Negro Women's Association 1951-1976' by Lawrence Hill

den pam 00104.tif
Displaying title page, list of 'Pioneer Women,' and descriptions of Rose Fortune, Mrs. Rosetta Amos Richardson, and Mrs. Carrie Best

CTP 00001_Bopha_1.tif
Displaying cover and cast and crew page

CTP 00001_1.tif
Programme with listing of artists, description of Paul Smithers
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